The World Health Organization (WHO) considers roaches carriers of the germs causing diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, leprosy, dysentery, and several viral diseases. These pets have been living on our planet for more than 400 million years, and they can survive without food for a month, run at a speed of 3 mph, survive without its head, and can hold their breath for almost 40 minutes.

Well, these facts indicate that it is not easy for a householder or business owner to get rid of roaches forever. Moreover, their smart hiding habits and high reproduction rate make this task more complex. While roaches have been on this planet for millions of years, they will likely survive even after the nuclear war.

With several living tactics and the ability to be disease-causing carriers, roaches seriously need a permanent and professional treatment, instead of a temporary Do-It-Yourself (DIY) effort. Our Roach Exterminator NYC expert can ensure you this, as per your needs.

Simple Look but Big Impact

Of all the pests, roaches are perhaps the most ancient and popular ones. At night, they roam in the kitchen for food, while they are seen behind shelves and in cabinets during the day. However, seeing them in the open air during the daytime indicates a serious infestation problem. Roaches usually roam in groups and are likely to eat anything nutritionally. If they have infested your building, the following are the visible signs of the same:

  • Food contamination
  • Allergies
  • Disease transmission and increased incidences of E-coli and strep diseases, asthma, cholera, plague, typhoid, and dysentery
  • Visible almost everywhere on some days
  • Most active at night and in the kitchen
  • Survival, even if food is stored away
  • Small black or black tube-like specks as droppings attracting a large number of insects
  • The smell of grease or mildew
  • Cases appearing as flat oblong sacs

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Spotting Them is Essential

Usually, unhygienic environment is responsible for roach problem. However, because it is easy for them to crawl through between walls and spaces, they can also come from your neighbour’s home. However, it is easier to determine whether a roach issue exists in your home. If you find some in the kitchen or bathroom during the day, know they are hidden behind the cabinets, cupboards, or walls. Roaches are more of hideous nocturnal creatures active while you are asleep. With much food, warmth, and water, your home is a perfect breeding ground for cockroaches throughout the year.

Average cost of roach extermination

Roaches can be difficult to kill permanently, but we have a foolproof system that does the job. The cost of Roach extermination varies depending on the level of infestation and the type of roaches but ranges between $150 and $450.

Follow-up visits may be required at the cost of $125 per visit for another treatment.

Roach exterminator cost

Professional Treatment

While it may seem easy to deal with roaches, one cannot deny that they come back quickly due to their rapid reproduction. Therefore, it is not ideal to run the risk of daily visits by roaches, as they, like termites, can be very destructive and hurt you financially. When you see even a few of them, kindly call us, and we will remove them permanently.

We specialize in offering minimally invasive treatments to control roach infestation. As Roach Exterminator NYC, we help you keep your home clean by stopping its growth by using repellents. We also educate staff about retaining a sanitized environment to keep roaches away.

Scott Williams
Author: Scott Williams - Scott is a pest control expert and has worked in the industry for over 20 years, most recently in NYC, where he runs a pest control business. Scott loves to write articles, share his knowledge on exterminator services, and advise on safe DIY method.