The cost of flea extermination is influenced by a variety of elements including the method of treatment, the infestation’s location, and how severe the infestation is.

Professional flea extermination cost $270 on average in NYC. Prices can range higher for larger infestations.

This price includes professional services, such as inspections, vacuuming, and interior and exterior applications. If your infestation requires more than one visit expect to pay an additional $75 to $200 per visit.

An average cost to hire a flea exterminator in NYC

The average cost to hire pest control experts for fleas in NYC, which along with those in LA are considered the most expensive in the State, ranges between $180 to $350. Of course, this price can go higher or lower depending on the factors such as the size of your home, the severity of the infestation, etc.

Typical cost $180 - $350
Low cost $95
High cost $410
National average cost $280

Note: The prices in this table are indicative. For the most accurate prices, contact local flea exterminator companies.

Professional flea extermination is more expensive than DIY but you must know that in the long term it will save you money. A flea infestation can rapidly grow if it is left untreated or is inadequately treated with DIY methods and the cost could quickly rise.

Professional VS DIY cost


The best way to ensure cost-effective and successful extermination is by hiring a professional flea extermination service since professionals have access to powerful, professional-grade products that are not always available to the “regular” people. They can also identify areas where fleas may be hiding.

On the other hand, DIT flea treatments are less effective but if you are on a tight budget you can try them. Depending on what type of pesticide you need, the price range could be from $5 to $40.

Treatment typeCost to hire a proCost to DIY
Flea bombs $100 - $200 $5 - $15
Foggers and sprays $150 - $300 $5 - $40

Initial flea inspection costs

Most companies charge between $75 to $100 for the initial inspection only. However, you may still find companies that would not charge you for the initial inspection if the problem isn’t fleas.

Main cost factors

Several factors could affect the cost of the flea extermination service. These include

  • Treatment type;
  • Infestation level;
  • Location of the infestation;
  • Frequency of treatment.

Treatment type

The main factor that will have a major impact on the flea extermination cost is the type of treatment used by the exterminator.

Treatment typeCost range
Fumigation $175 - $350
Flea bombing $100 - $200
Vacuuming $80 - $140
Heat treatments $300 - $500
Spray treatments $150 - $300


Depending on the size of your home, fumigation will cost you between $175 and $350. These prices include flea floggers or bombs throughout the home. It may also include additional spray applications to ensure total eradication of the fleas.

Flea bombing

This method of extermination uses an aerosol insecticide to eliminate fleas. The cost of flea bombing can range from $100 to $200, depending on the size of your home. However, the flea bombing method is not so effective because pesticides used do not penetrate carpets or other fibers where fleas hide.


This process helps to remove fleas, eggs, and larvae from carpets, furniture, and other surfaces at a price starting from $80 to $140. You must be aware that the vacuuming itself is not enough to eliminate a flea infestation.

Heat treatments

With the price range of $300 to $500, heat treatments are the most expensive options for flea extermination. This is quite an effective option for larger flea infestations that includes raising the temperature in your home to over 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This provides the killing of any adult fleas, eggs, and larvae.

Spray treatments

These treatments are recommended for flea infestations in smaller areas. Spray treatments usually cost between $150 and $300 and involve the application of the insecticide to carpets, furniture, and all surfaces where fleas may be present.

Spray treatments are deadly and provide the best results combined with other treatment types.

Infestation level

This is another significant cost factor. If you deal with a minor infestation, you can fix the problem with a simple DIY treatment that costs less. On the other hand, if you have a severe infestation then a professional flea exterminator should be your choice. Of course, it will cost more but it provides better results.

Infestation levelCost range
Minor infestation $95 - $180
Medium infestation $180 - $295
Severe infestation $325 +

Location of the infestation

The size of the area that needs to be treated for fleas will affect the cost, whether there is a flea infestation just in your bedroom or throughout the whole house. 

Note: If irritation is isolated to your bed, don’t rule out bed bugs as the possible cause.

LocationAverage cost range
Bedroom $150
Kitchen $175
Outdoors $100
Yard $80
Whole house $400 +

For example, kitchen flea infestations are more expensive than a bedroom infestation because in the kitchen there are more surfaces to be treated.

Treatment frequency

Flea extermination process also depends on how often the treatments will need to be repeated. Depending on the level of infestation, and other factors, you may need multiple visits from an exterminator to eliminate the fleas.

Service frequencyCost per visit
One-time $250
Follow-up visits $90
Monthly $80
Yearly $400 +

Time of the year

Fleas are most active during the warmer months and therefore the demand for services for their extermination is higher, and the prices also go up, so it is not surprising that you pay a higher price for professional service.

Size of your home

While some companies charge a standard rate regardless of the square footage of your home, other companies have tiered rates depending both on the number of rooms and the size of your home.

Additional services

Services such as sealing up cracks or carpet cleaning, are considered related services of the flea extermination process and should be added to the overall cost.

Sealing cracks

Any cracks and crevices are potential sources of future infestations and entry for fleas. By sealing them you can prevent future problems. This is an easy DIY task, but if you want to hire a professional you will have to pay from $2 to $4.20 per linear foot for caulking.

Laundry and house cleaning

Another important thing is to clean the affected area in order to completely eliminate fleas from your home. This includes laundering and bedding (pet bedding too), clothing, and fabrics that may be infested. Professional house cleaning and laundry services typically charge from $20 up to $200 depending on the size of the home and the service needed.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets are a good breeding ground for flea eggs and larvae. Carpet cleaning can help remove them, and it will cost you between $100 and $200, depending on the size and condition of the carpets.

Pet flea treatment

Affected pets must be treated. Dog or cat flea treatments typically cost between $15 and $50, depending on the type and treatment used.

Pet flea treatment Cost
Bottle of flea shampoo $15
Oral and topical treatments $50
Vet visit fee $50


Is it worth the money to hire a pro? Most people ask themself. Yes, it is worth and here are some of the benefits if you hire a pro:

  • Effective treatment options;
  • Safe handling of pesticides and chemicals;
  • Expertise;
  • Time-saving.
  • Wash your pet’s blankets with soap and hot water regularly;
  • Regularly vacuum your home’s carpets to remove potential fleas and their eggs;
  • Treat your yard with pesticides to prevent fleas from breeding outdoors;
  • Limit the time that your pet is spending in ungroomed outdoor areas, which may harbor fleas.

As in any segment of life, scams and fraudsters are present. To avoid them select an experienced and insured professional pest control company. Licensing is usually required when applying flea-related pesticides, and a good and honest exterminator will be more than happy to show you copies of their certification even without your request.


My recommendation is not to rely on these myths. Even in winter it is warm enough for the flea eggs to lay dormant ready to hatch when warm months come. Another problem you will face if you wait for the winter to kill the fleas is that the infestation will continue to grow. So the best option is to eradicate them completely as soon as possible.

Scott Williams
Author: Scott Williams - Scott is a pest control expert and has worked in the industry for over 20 years, most recently in NYC, where he runs a pest control business. Scott loves to write articles, share his knowledge on exterminator services, and advise on safe DIY method.