Every year, ants cause damage estimated at $5 billion across the United States. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) identifies ants as the top pest problem in the country.

You might not be able to think so about these small pests. However, once they infest your home or office, you really want them to be away.

Seen usually in red and black color, ants are quite adaptable to different surroundings. This is because of their exceptional teamwork skills that keep them thriving almost in any building of this world. Perhaps, this can be the major reason why their population tends to outnumber all other pest populaces. Finally, this is exactly what makes it more difficult to remove them from home and other buildings. However, we as your ant exterminator NYC can make it simply easy!

Small Critters Causing Destructive Results

Although there are 700 diverse types of species, around 30 species are common infesters in commercial and household edifices. The fire and carpenter ants seem to be the most alarming of these. Fire ants can sting whose residual marks hurt more than fleas and bees. They can even damage your yard and can carry diseases. On the other hand, carpenter ants chew up wood and damage construction wood. They can enter into almost any kind of wood structure.

Ants can be time-consuming and costly to get rid of and will, at times, need quarterly visits; it is worth it, especially if you have termites or carpenter ants.

Finding Ants is the Key to their Remediation

Just as in case of other pests, it is essential for you to find ants marching in the various corners of your home. You can detect their presence through different signs such as:

  • Biting
  • Food contaminations, especially sweet stuff
  • Wood turning into coarse sawdust (carpenter ant infestation)
  • Big nasty or ugly mounts in grass
  • Property damage
  • Damage through smooth galleries in wooden stuff
  • Mud-packed hollowed-out areas of wood (this shows carpenter ant infestation, not termite infestation)
  • Aphids (they fed on ants) and white flies

Usually, regardless of the type of species, ants find their way to enter into your building or home through:

  • Cracks
  • Frames
  • Foundations
  • Garages
  • Porches
  • Window sills
  • Tree branches touching the home, may be from terrace or via exterior walls

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Professional Help

The strong points of ants are their breeding ability and size, making them difficult to control. Nevertheless, professional pest control from our ant exterminator NYC expert can technically deal with any kind of ants almost anywhere.

In most cases, our highly qualified and experienced technicians start ant control service in the exterior perimeter by using minimally invasive products. Instead of killing ants, we always believe in repelling them forever through the help of green sprays, traps, and barriers. In the exterior area of your home or building, we inspect the sources and treat them with fillers or sprays to stop further infestation. Then, in the interior, we prefer dust formations into the gaps or cracks that attract ants. Doing so prevents the ants from spreading to other rooms for keeping your kids and pets safe. Lastly, we treat the yard and garden, in case they are found to be infested.

Scott Williams
Author: Scott Williams - Scott is a pest control expert and has worked in the industry for over 20 years, most recently in NYC, where he runs a pest control business. Scott loves to write articles, share his knowledge on exterminator services, and advise on safe DIY method.