Scott Williams

Scott is a pest control expert and the owner of Private Exterminator NYC
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Scott has dedicated his entire career to pest control, starting from his initial experiences assisting his father, Larry Williams Jr, during weekend shifts at their family-run pest management company. With Joe now in retirement, Scott has stepped up to modernize the business, establishing a digital presence and integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance their offerings.

Joe finished high school in the class of '93 and got right to work as a full-time employee working with his dad in the family business. In 2004, Scott moved to New York City from Las Vegas to be with his now-wife Julia.

Joe had to start again in New York, but the pest control game is booming in NYC as there is a constant need for the extermination of rodents, roaches and all sorts of bugs and wildlife.

Scott and Julie love to travel and have explored most of Europe, with their favorite destinations being Spain and Italy.



Scott has no grand plan for the business but wants to gradually expand and help as many people as possible through his blog to DIY exterminate safely and reliably. Scott has two kids, Morris and Holly, and loves to ski every winter on family vacations.