Should you have experienced a wasp sting before, chances are you dislike the idea of these stinging insects residing in your house or workplace. Wasp stings can notably cause discomfort and, for some, pose serious risks by triggering allergic reactions.

The average homeowner spends anywhere from $300 – $500 to remove wasp nests from their property. These costs could however go as low as $130 and as high as $1,000+ depending on the size of the infestation.

Here’s a breakdown of these costs to help you budget for your extermination.


Average wasp exterminator cost

The total amount you’ll spend on wasp extermination is usually determined by a variety of factors; from the size of infestation to the method of treatment, type of wasp, and the location of the wasp nest.

The best thing about wasp extermination is that the job usually requires only one visit. Once the wasp nest is removed, the wasps tend to look for another location to build their nest.

Cost of wasp extermination

Typical range$300 - $500
Minimum cost$130
Maximum cost$1,000
National average $400

Wasp nest removal cost by infestation size

As mentioned, your pest control company will charge you more depending on the size of wasp infestations on your property. Generally, more serious infestations will cost you more than a small infestation.

This is because bigger wasp hives will demand more time, labor, and treatment products from the exterminator. The clean-up will also be more difficult, and you may require at least one follow-up to confirm all the wasps are gone.

Size of infestation LowHigh
Small infestation$130$250
Medium infestation$300$500
Serious infestation$500$1,000+

Small wasp infestation

If you have just one nest around your property with around 10 – 50 worker wasps, then that could be a small wasp infestation. Getting rid of such an infestation will cost you anywhere from $130 – $250.

Medium wasp infestation

For wasp hives that have around 50 – 100 worker wasps, that’s a medium infestation. If you also have several small hives in your home, then that could still be considered medium.

The average cost to get rid of medium wasp infestation ranges between $300 – $500.

Large to severe wasp infestation

Serious wasp infestations are usually characterized by hives that have more than 100 worker wasps. Such infestations are usually more dangerous, and it’s always recommended that you get a professional exterminator to get rid of the wasp hive.

The average removal costs for a severe wasp infestation is around $500 – $1,000+.

Wasp removal cost by type

Another key pricing factor when it comes to wasp control is the type of wasps on your property. In the US alone, there exist more than 4,000 species of wasps.

Some of these wasps are poisonous and dangerous while others are harmless. Each type of wasp is also different in appearance and they build their nests in distinct ways.

That said, there are six wasp species that are more common across the country. Here’s how much you’ll spend to remove their nests.

Wasp typeLowHigh
Bald-faced hornet wasp$400$800
Yellow Jacket wasp$500$900
Paper wasps$200$500
Mud daubers wasp$300$600
Hornet wasps$300$500
Red wasps$250$450

Yellowjacket nest removal

The yellowjacket wasp is one of the most common pests found in the Northern parts of the country. The insect got its name from the yellow and black stripes that run across its body.

Yellow jackets tend to build their nests above the ground and will sting when disturbed. You’re likely to find them close to your garage, shed, in attics, under eaves, or even hollowed out in trees.

Being very social insects, yellow jackets live in colonies that can be as large as 1,000 or more wasps, making them very expensive to exterminate.

The average cost to remove a yellowjacket nest ranges between $500 – $900.

Bald-faced Hornets nest removal

The bald-faced hornets are among the most aggressive wasp species in the United States. The wasp closely resembles the yellowjacket wasp but has a black body and white striped face.

It also lives in colonies with around 100 – 400 workers and feeds on sugary foods like nectar, sweet fruits, drinks, and other insects. You’re likely to find their nests high up on trees and shrubs or sometimes, on utility poles.

The average cost of bald-faced hornet nest removal stands between $400 – $800.

Paper wasps nest removal

Paper wasps are one of the most friendly wasp species found in homes. This is because these wasps don’t sting people, even if they disturb them.

They get their name from the umbrella-shaped paper nests that they build. Unlike the hornets or yellowjacket wasps, paper wasp nests are usually open and easily visible.

You can easily find their nests attached to tree branches, door frames, porch ceilings, attic rafters, roof eaves, etc.

Because of its accessibility and the docile nature of these wasps, the removal of their nests is quite cheap.

You can expect to spend between $200 – $500 on paper wasp nest removal.

Mud daubers nest removal

Just like paper wasps, mud daubers are also very docile and will rarely sting when disturbed. This wasp species gets its name from the fact that they build their nests out of mud.

Mud daubers appear in a black body with light-colored markings (usually yellow), or in a metallic blue and black body.

The wasps build their nests under sheltered structures, so you’ll find their nests in attics, barns, porch ceilings, and sheds.

Expect to spend anywhere from $300 – $600 on the mud dauber nest removal.

Hornet wasp nest removal

Popularly known as the European hornets or the giant hornet, these wasps usually appear as brown with yellow stripes. They’re also much larger in size than the yellowjacket and most other wasp species.

When the hornet wasps build their nest under a sheltered structure, the nest will be left open. But for nests in unsheltered structures, the wasps cover the nest with a paper envelope.

You’re likely to find these nests around hollow trees, barns, attics, sheds, and other outdoor structures.

The average cost of hornet wasp nest removal ranges between $300 – $500.

Red wasp nest removal

Red wasps define a type of paper wasps that appear in a reddish-brown body with black wings. They tend to live in small colonies and feed on nectar and other small insects like caterpillars and flies.

The red wasp nest usually looks like an umbrella-shaped honeycomb attached to a structure by a strand of material.

You’re likely to find these wasps nests on door frames, roof eaves, window frames, etc. Most homeowners spend around $250 – $450 for the red wasp nest removal.

Wasp nest removal cost by location

The location of the wasp nest is also a critical aspect that affects how much you’ll spend on the wasp control. This is because the location shows the accessibility of the nest to the exterminator, or how easy it is for the expert to reach the nest.

Generally, the closer a wasp nest is to the ground, the cheaper you’ll spend on the nest removal. Additionally, it’s much cheaper to get rid of a wasp nest outdoors than indoors.

Nest LocationLowHigh
Entire house$800$1,300

Wasp nest removal in attic

Attics are usually one of the most common places where a wasp may build its nest. This is because it is sheltered and faces minimal disturbance from people.

Due to the ease of access of the attic, it’s usually one of the easiest and cheapest places in the house to remove a wasp’s nest. But if there’s any construction work that has to be done, the costs will increase.

Expect to spend anywhere from $300 – $500 to complete this removal.

Wasp removal in wall

Wasps in your wall tend to be relatively expensive to eliminate. This is because the wasp exterminator will have to drill small holes in your wall to apply a pesticide that kills them.

After the treatments, it’s also quite tricky to remove the dead wasps from the wall and then make the repairs.

You’ll, therefore, spend around $500 for the job or between $400 – $1,000. The drywall repairs alone may cost you as much as $200.

Wasp removal in chimney

The total cost of removing a wasp nest from a chimney will mainly depend on how close or far it is from the base. Nests closer to the base are so much easier to target and exterminate making the whole job cheaper.

If the nest is closer to the chimney’s top, the exterminator may need to get on your roof and then use the wasp spray (or other treatment) to kill them.

You’ll, therefore, spend anywhere from $450 – $700 on the extermination, depending on the nest location.

Wasp removal in the whole house

In the rare event that you have a wasp infestation in your entire house, your average wasp extermination cost will range between $800 – $1,300. However, for a story house, your costs will increase by an extra $5 – $10 per foot.

Wasp removal outdoors

As you’d expect, the cost of removing wasp nests outdoors also varies depending on the nest height from the ground.

You’ll find that it’s cheaper to remove hornets’ nests, compared to other wasps’ nests because they build them on low-hanging trees and porches.

These costs usually start from $200 but can be as high as $500 depending on the nest accessibility.

Wasp removal cost by treatment method

When handling pest infestation, there’s never a one-size-fits-all treatment. An exterminator has to conduct an inspection and then recommend the most effective treatment method depending on the size of the infestation and the type of pests.

With wasps, there are four main methods of treatment that wasp exterminators use. They include aerosol sprays, vacuuming, wasp dusting, or opting for eco-friendly alternatives.

Each of these solutions is usually charged differently because some are more labor and time-intensive than others.

Method of treatmentCost per unitLowHigh
Aerosol sprays$3 - $20$150$500
Vacuuming - $200$300
Wasp dusting$5 - $25$200$400
Eco-friendly treatments - $350$800

Aerosol sprays / concentrated liquid

The use of aerosol wasp sprays is the most common treatment among DIYers and professionals alike. The aerosols contain chemicals like permethrin and tetramethrin which are effective in getting rid of paper wasps and the bald-faced hornets.

The average cost of wasp control using aerosol sprays costs between $150 – $500+ depending on the type of aerosol. If you opt for the ‘green’ eco-friendly wasp sprays, your costs could increase by an extra $150+.

In the case that the wasps are in your house, the costs will also be much higher since the exterminator will first have to get rid of the nest before spraying.

This adds an extra $100+ to your total wasp exterminator cost.


Due to their small size, wasps can fit into any cracks or crevices in your house and make their nests. To remove such an infestation, an exterminator may use a special vacuum that is designed to fit into such small spaces and flushes the wasps out.

The best thing about this treatment is that you can sell the collected wasps to pharmaceutical companies that produce wasp sting antidotes.

The average cost of this treatment method stands between $200 and $300.

Wasp dusting

This treatment method works best on wasps that build their nests in the ground like the yellow jackets. The wasp exterminator sprays dust containing harmful chemicals like permethrin on the ground targeting the wasps.

The dust then sticks to the wasps which carry it back to their nests and kill the queen and other workers.

On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from $200 – $400 on this treatment.

Eco-friendly treatments

If you want treatments that are safe for your kids, pets, and the environment then you should be willing to spend a little extra. Most eco-friendly treatments cost anywhere from $350 – $800 and tend to have a lower efficiency than chemicals.

Your wasp exterminator may, therefore, require you to make several follow-up visits to ensure all the wasps are gone.

How long does it take to get rid of a wasp infestation?

This will depend on the size of the infestation and the method you use for treatment. Generally, most homeowners see positive results in 1 – 3 days after treatment.

However, most wasps die within 15 minutes of coming in contact with the chemicals. But since not all wasps are in the nest at the same time, it’ll take a few days for all wasps to come back to the nest and die.

Wasp extermination cost by major pest control companies

The pest control company you hire will also affect how much you’ll spend on wasp extermination. Basically, each company has a different way of pricing their services depending on their expertise and preferred treatment methods.

The good thing about hiring national brand pest control companies like Terminix and Orkin is that they offer a guarantee for their services. They also give free estimates for each service.

Here’s a cost comparison between some of the biggest pest control companies in the United States.

Company LowHigh
Orkin $200$650
Aptive Environmental$100$620


For nearly a century, Terminix has remained a household name when it comes to pest control services. Besides thriving in termite extermination, the company also offers general pest control which covers wasp removal.

On average, your total wasp removal cost ranges between $200 – $600, depending on the level of infestation.


This company is another giant that’s dominated the industry for ages. Like Terminix, the company offers general pest control services covering most pests, including wasps.

While some customers argue that Orkin is slightly more expensive than Terminix, it is, however, regarded as the best in terms of emergency pest control and removal.

Orkin is also loved for its insistence on using eco-friendly solutions in its pest treatments.

The average cost to hire them for your wasp nest extermination will range from $200 – $650.

Aptive Environmental

For a more comprehensive pest control treatment, Aptive Environmental is the company to beat. Thanks to their flexibility, Aptive tailors its treatments to each home, ensuring every customer receives quality services.

The company offers a unique Four-Seasons-Protection-Plan which covers all your pest problems, including wasp infestations and other stinging insects.

The average cost of hiring Aptive Environmental starts from $100 – $620 depending on the home size and level of infestation.

Emergency wasp nest removal cost

Finding wasp nests on your property doesn’t necessarily require emergency removal. In most cases, wasps on trees, shrubs, or roof eaves won’t disturb or harm you, unless you aggravate them.

Examples of when you would need emergency nest removal could include:

  • If someone in your home is allergic to wasp stings
  • If wasps build their nest inside your house
  • If the wasps are stinging your pet
  • If you suspect the type of wasps on your property are dangerous e.g., yellow jackets.

Hiring a wasp exterminator to help you in such circumstances will add an extra $50 – $100 to your total wasp exterminator costs.

Wasp damage repair cost

Despite stinging their predators, wasps will rarely cause any structural damage to your house. Unlike other wood-boring pests, wasps only use wood fibers to make their nests, which won’t do much damage to your home.

Their presence in your house could, however, be an indication of a few holes or gaps in your walls or roofs.

The only way wasps could damage your home is if their nests get damp and the moisture spreads to other attached materials. When left unnoticed, this could eventually lead to the collapse of the affected areas.

The average cost of repairs caused by wasp damage ranges from $50 – $150.


DIY wasp removal costs

For small wasp infestations, it always makes sense for homeowners to handle the extermination as a DIY project. However, as the nest gets bigger, so does the need to leave the job to professional wasp exterminators.

The average cost of handling wasp removal as a DIY ranges between $50 – $200. This cost covers:

  • Protective clothing – $100 – $200
  • Wasp sprays – $3 – 20
  • Wasp dust – $5 – $25

If you want the more eco-friendly solutions, some of your cost expenses will include:

  • Wasp traps – $5 – $20
  • Soap and water – $2 – $20
  • Dummy nests – $10 – $20

Note: Regardless of the size of the wasp nest, avoid trying the removal as a DIY if you’re allergic to the wasp stings. Additionally, always wear protective gear and exercise extreme caution when interacting with wasps.


In most cases, no. Once wasps are out of a nest, they tend to build a new one in a new location and won’t re-use the old nest.

Early spring. During this period, the wasps tend to be less aggressive and the queen will be building the nest. Most other colony workers won’t have moved in yet.

It depends on the size of that nest and the type of wasps. Most wasp nests can hold anywhere from 600 – 5,000 wasps. However, some nests can have as few as 50 wasps and others as many as 10,000 wasps.

This mainly depends on the type of wasps. Most female (worker) wasps only live for around 12 – 22 days, while the male wasps can live for up to 3 – 4 months. The queen wasp, however, can live for up to a year.

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