Private Exterminators stands as your reliable source for ethical, dependable, and effective pest control solutions in West Brighton, 10310, Staten Island, and surrounding areas. For those struggling with pests such as cockroaches, bedbugs, rodents, termites, and more, Private Exterminator offers premier services. Within the pool of 35 licensed pest control experts in the Staten Island region, only a limited number commit to using environmentally friendly and ethical products, guaranteeing both the efficacy and safety of their services.

West Brighton is renowned for its rodent and cockroach issues. Over the last 3 years, 50 homes or units reported a bedbug infestation. According to publicly available data, the 50 dwellings infested were infested with bed bugs, with 80 being reinfected after treatment. So, getting it right the first time is imperative.

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Private Exterminators will match you with top-voted local pest control services in West Brighton. We have vetted licensed and insured exterminators who service Staten Island and surrounding areas to guarantee the best service at competitive prices.

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Areas we service

Private Exterminator has been servicing most boroughs of New York City, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhatten and Staten Island. Our commitment to NYC residents in the pursuit of roach-free homes has been unwavering over the last decade.

Cost by Pest Type in West Brighton, Staten Island

The biggest factor affecting the price of pest control in Staten Island, 10310, Staten Island is the pest type and level of infestation and your location.

Below is a list of pest types and their cost:

Cockroaches – $381
Termites – $4,137
Fleas – $407
Bed bugs – $893
Mice/ Rats – $453
Ants – $328

Rats are also a problem with 604 reports of rats in apartments in West Brighton. With a median salary of $97,131 and 38% of locals renting, which is 31.35% above the NY median salary of $73,950, so the cost of pest control services will naturally rise locally.

Do landlords have to pay for pest control in West Brighton?

In West Brighton, Staten Island, 38% rent their properties. landlords are responsible for keeping apartments free from pests and mold within reason. If you have a dog and you get fleas in your carpets, it would be hard to justify your landlord paying for the extermination.

West Brighton pest control statistics

There are 35 that service West Brighton, NY. As you have a median local salary of $97,131, which is 31.35% above the NY median salary of $73,950, the cost of pest control services will naturally rise locally.

West Brighton, 10310 (40.632, -74.117) has a population of 26,239 with a density of 5,621 people per Km2. Over the last 12 months 9 homes have been baited for Rats with 26 showing zero rat activity 6 months later.





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