Are you dealing with pest issues and in search of a pest control expert? It’s essential to select a pest control professional with caution. In New York City, it is mandatory for pest control experts to have a license because they work with a variety of hazardous substances, and having the required expertise is key to guarantee that all operations are performed in a safe manner.

Exterminators in New York City need to be licensed before they can legally work in the city. For an exterminator to work legally in New York City, they can get a Commercial pesticide applicator certification, a Commercial pesticide technician certification, or a Private Pesticide Applicator Certification from the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Do Exterminators Need To Be Licensed In NYC

Why Do Exterminators Need To Be Licensed In New York City?

Exterminators in New York City require Certification from the department of environmental conservation to work legally in the city. Here are some of the top reasons why exterminators need to be licensed;

1. Regulated knowledge on pesticide use

Exterminators relies heavily on the use of chemical methods of pest control such as pesticides. The use of these chemicals can be dangerous if done incorrectly and can cause harm to people. The exterminator certificate ensures that every exterminator is well-trained and knowledgeable on the do’s and don’t of the job.

2. Proper handling of chemicals

This is mainly because of the toxic nature of many of the chemicals used by exterminators. These chemicals, most times are just as harmful to humans as they are to pests, and improper application can lead to injury and even death.

3. Knowledge of pest removal

Exterminators are one of the best ways to get rid of pests fast and are employed by many building property owners and managers. Pests often cause diseases, and many children, and their families fall sick due to the diseases many pests are vectors of. Pest control is important, and the benefits are endless.

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What Type Of License Does An Exterminator Require In New York City

If you decide to work as an exterminator in New York City, you must have a state-issued license. The license type will depend mainly on the type of training, level of experience, and level of education. There are three certifications open to exterminators. They include;

1. Commercial Pesticide Applicator Certification

The commercial pesticide applicator certification allows the exterminator to apply pesticides to any non-residential building in New York City. Applicants must fall into one of the following categories to be eligible. They must have one year of experience plus 12 hours of specific training, two years of verified experience as a technician, or three years of experience as a full-time apprentice.

Applicants with three years of working experience as a certified private applicator in the pest control sector or an equivalent certification in a United States state that has reciprocity in New York or three years of experience as a salesperson for pesticides and industrial chemicals are also eligible.

2. Commercial Pesticide Technician Certification

The commercial pesticide technician certification allows exterminators to apply non-restricted chemicals in non-residential buildings. Applicants must fall into the following categories to be eligible. The applicant should be no younger than 17 years of age and must have completed a thirty-hour training course from the department of environmental conservation.

Applicants must have a higher education degree (associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in a related field) with two years of verified experience as an apprentice in the field. Finally, all applicants must pass the certification examination

3. Private Pesticide Applicator Certification

The Private pesticide applicator certification allows exterminators to apply pesticides in residential buildings. For this license to be eligible, applicants must be no younger than 17 years of age and have at least one year of full-time, verified training in pesticide use and application and other related sectors.

Applicants are also required to have a higher education degree (associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in a related field), have one year of verified experience as a certified commercial applicator in a similar sector, complete the thirty-hour training course from the DEC, and they must pass the certification exam.

Private Pesticide Applicator Certification

Steps To Apply for An Exterminator License In New York City

Getting a license is very important for exterminators in New York as it allows them to work and earn money legally. There are three available licenses for exterminators, as discussed above depending mainly on the type of training they received, the area of experience, and the level of education reached. Applicants need to have a account; to access the online forms to apply for an exterminator’s license.

Step 1 - Create An NY.GOV Account

To apply for an exterminator license in New York, you must register with the New York state official website and request a personal NY gov ID. This identity card is used to verify your identity and the particulars of the applicant. After the applicant has obtained the personal NY gov ID, they can begin the application process.

To begin this step, visit the official website and select don’t have an account? Then Select a personal account type and click the Sign up for a personal NY gov ID option and Fill in the required information correctly. Applicants will receive a confirmation email which is used to the email address. Once the email is confirmed, log in and fill out the application for the desired exterminator license.

Step 2 - Fill In The Appropriate Form

There aret three forms available on the website. They include forms for renewal of an exterminator’s license, forms for registration for certification exams, and Request forms. The forms for renewal of an exterminator’s license are for already licensed exterminators due for renewal.

The form for registration for certification exams for unlicensed exterminators to sit for the certification examination. It is necessary for those applying for a Commercial pesticide technician certification or a Pesticide Applicator Certification. The Request form is for licensed exterminators applying for the replacement of a lost license or to update personal information.

Step 3 - Approval/Rejection Of Application

When an application is submitted, there is a period of waiting. The application will be reviewed and given approval or rejection, depending on whether the applicant meets the requirements. The applicant will receive a bill from the NYSDEC Revenue Accounting Unit if accepted.

The fee must be paid within thirty days of receiving the invoice to be valid. the applicant must submit another application to receive an exterminator license. when the payment has been made, the exterminator license is issued immediately.

What Is The Difference Between A Licensed And An Unlicensed Exterminator In New York City

Is there any difference between a licensed exterminator and an unlicensed exterminator? What will happen if I hire an unlicensed exterminator? Well, let’s find out.

Licensed exterminators have the legal right to work as exterminators and hiring one is perfectly legal.It is illegal to work as an exterminator without a license so hiring an unlicensed exterminator is illegal.
Licensed exterminators have liability insurance. This means that any damage to property or bodily injury incurred on the job is covered by the insurance. Unlicensed exterminators have no liability insurance. This means that property owners can be held financially liable for any damage to property or bodily injury incurred on the job.
Licensed exterminators have better skill sets, and better training and are likely to be more knowledgeable on things like safety precautions than unlicensed exterminators.Unlicensed exterminators usually have only the basic skills and knowledge compared to licensed exterminators.
Licensed exterminators usually offer high-quality services and have in-depth knowledge on how to eradicate pests in any area.Unlicensed exterminators usually have a limited range of knowledge and shallow knowledge of long-term pest eradication.
Licensed exterminators are more trustworthy when it comes to the proper handling and application of pesticides. Since pesticides are very toxic chemicals, it is important to hire someone trained to handle it.Unlicensed exterminators are untrustworthy when it comes to handling and applying pesticides. This is because without a license, it is impossible to judge the level of their skills and it can be dangerous if they are not well trained.
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