Alarming Facts: Fleas tend to be dormant for long periods, live in several household items, and jumps up to 8 feet that is over 125 times their actual height. They typically enter your home from animals roaming in your surroundings and tend to cause allergic reactions in your pets.


If you are a pet lover, you shall certainly not like to keep fleas in your home although they appear small and least harmful. We as fleas exterminator NYC experts ensure you green and foolproof removal of fleas, irrespective of where you live in the New York City.


You might be thinking that adult fleas are the biggest problem but they only make up a part of that concern. More critical are those flea eggs that are matured enough to hatch and grow. Even more alarming is the fact that a fleas pair is capable of producing 400-500 little ones during their lifetime. Despite this, adult fleas are responsible for complete aggravation. Our fleas exterminator NYC experts are specialized in taking away this aggravation forever by stopping the larvae to enter your home. We do not believe in killing but in repelling as much as possible.


Small Critters but Risky Impact


Unlike a few pests outside the home, fleas are responsible for triggering both irritation and discomfort to both humans and pets. They are the cause of several dermatological disorders that need veterinary aid. Only a one-time bite happened to a sensitive person or animal can result in extreme irritation and itching. In case of a small pet, it may even prove to be lethal. Therefore, fleas are not only nuisance pests but also harmful for yours and your pet’s health.


Finding Fleas is the First Step to its Removal


Usually, fleas tend to feed on rodents, mammals, and humans but dogs are most favorite breeding sources. They easily make their way onto the dog’s body the moment it moves outdoors or roam. These critters are quick with their three pairs of legs, due to which they can easily latch onto the abdomen of dogs.


Apart from the pets including cats, fleas are commonly seen on rats and mice. Further, animals in your community scurrying around in warmer days also carry fleas. These animals are foxes, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, shunks, and opossums.


Professional Solution for Prevention and Treatment


Because fleas population in your home can be troublesome sooner than later, our fleas exterminator NYC experts recommend a smart approach by focusing on eggs and larvae at first and then targeting the adults. We do not prefer killing due to which we use repellents to deal with both eggs and adults. For eggs, we prefer carrying them away and putting them in a remote forest, which is very far away.


Of the two, the adults are tough to handle although they are easier to spot. For removing them, here too, we use repellents and barriers such that they do not strike back in your neighborhood. Before taking any action, our experts will carefully inspect your home or area. However, all our practices will be as per the NYC regulations.