Rats in kitchen, Mice in upper floor, Cockroaches in lavatory and Bedbugs in bedroom- these are nothing but the common problems in every household. And these infestations will pass on diseases, taint the water and foodstuff, cause harm to property and raise the utility bills. Regardless of what kind of rodent or bug is troubling you, Exterminator NYC is ready to assist you with any vermin issue.


Cockroaches:Pest control nyc


Never believe the hype that cockroaches may be easily removed.


Cockroaches create a number of threats to your building. They are the common carriers of various diseases that cause bacteria, and they pollute anything they touch. In addition, as cockroaches can eat anything like glue or plastics, or other apparently inedible element, they can be lead to costly damage.

Removal of the present cockroach colony by drain cleaning and bioremediation


Prevention against potential infestations, like suitable sanitation and elimination practices like screening the possible bug entry points


If one cockroach is seen to scurry across the floor, then it can cause considerable loss of your business reputation. Exterminator NYC will never allow it to happen.



Pest control nyc

The presence of rat in your room is not any laughing matter.
The two species of rat that can pose problems are the brown rat and the black rat, and the latter one creates the most common issue to one’s house. Rats reproduce at very high rates; if they have any food and shelter, then they can gladly continue to survive.
Exterminator NYC examines your premise and makes out the rodent issue. We then analyze the factors, which are contributing to your rodent problem. With the service of Exterminator NYC, you will be able to get rodent-free background.



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Pharaoh ants, which are found in the tropical areas and in the warmer climates, are very common. These kinds of ants prefer to make nests in the places that have warmth and dampness.
As the expert service provider, Exterminator NYC identifies that while applying baits, they can never be positioned randomly; rather, pathways have to be found out first to become successful in the treatment. Exterminator NYC applies an exceptional gel that is used on the way of the ants. Then, the ants take it back to their nest wherein the gel starts to work and removes all of the inhabitants.



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Having a problem of spider may be extremely distressful for all tenants or property owners. Exterminator NYC realizes it and offers a fast same days service for spider control. Our exterminators will get to your house within one or two hours.
If you observe regular activity of spider in your own property, then it is expected that those spiders are taking shelter around your house cavities, like the loft area or cavity walls.
Exterminator NYC makes use of powder or spray for spider treatment, and these elements are applied directly on the areas, where the spiders are carrying out their activity. We often merge this process with smoke treatment, which will complete destroy the spiders.


Bed bugs:

Pest control nyc

The presence of bed bug is hard to perceive during the earlier phases of the invasion. But, the signs may soon turn out to be more visible in beds, your mattresses and your duvets. Exterminator NYC will not only remove those bugs but give instructions on how to keep away from bedbug plague in the coming days.
The primary aim of Exterminator NYC in bed bug prevention is the control and early recognition. However, there may not be any guaranteed system of bed bug avoidance as people may accidentally bear such insects into your premise anytime, particularly in high-traffic hubs as NYC. Yet, we try to treat it these insects as far as possible.


Moth control:


Exterminator NYC offers professional moth treatments to save all your properties from the ravenous creatures. If you have found tiny holes in any of your woolen materials, it is better to presume that your fabric has been plagued with moths. The problem may carry on for several weeks, and for this reason, it is significant to find professional care with no delay.


Our moth control services offer the ideal blend of rock-bottom charges and high quality solutions. With our bug control system and full pest execution, we assure that we can leave your room moth-free.



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While squirrels find any place for building nest, that place will turn out to be their territory; they will attempt save the territory by any means. It means that they may feel very troubled and aggressive while distressed. There is a general mistaken belief that if the entry hole of the animal is obstructed, it will eliminate the issue. Unfortunately, this is not the true case. Never block entrance areas until your squirrel pest infestation is totally removed, and for removing these squirrels, you need to depend on Exterminator NYC.



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If your residence is adjacent to any beehive, then you are expected to face the risk of stings. We suggest the removal of bee nest as early as probable. If you have any trouble with some honeybees, then Exterminator NYC will recommend you to make contact with any local beekeeper in order to store those bees and let them go elsewhere. We can help you with many other kinds of bees, for example, carpenter bees. Besides, we will examine your problem, identify the severity level, and recommend or implement the solution.




Bird droppings may be extremely problematic, and they can blemish or decay your building finishes. If they get dried, then they accumulate near your ventilators. The worse fact is that some birds are threats to public health because they hold disease-causing elements. Bird nests may also block the gutters and drains and pose a risk of fire if they are close to lighting. And due to these risks and other threats, hiring our bird control specialists and management tactic is essential for all NYC-area facilities. Our plans are thus specially-designed for controlling, deterring, and eliminating the roosting that are found in your building.
So, never ignore any signs of infestation in your building, call for the service of Exterminator NYC.