No homeowner wishes to contend with a rat infestation. Despite their diminutive stature, failing to detect their presence promptly can lead to expensive bills for pest management.

To put this in figures, the average American home spends anywhere from $150 to $800 on rat pest control costs. This places the national average at around $475.

However, depending on the intensity of the infestation among other factors, you may end up spending as high as $1,200 + for the rat extermination and removal if a large number of traps need to be laid and collected over a longer period.

Average rat exterminator cost

Cost to exterminate rats

Minimum costs$150
Maximum costs$1,200
Typical range$210 - $800
National Average $475

Rat extermination can cost you anywhere from $150 – $1,200+. It will all depend on the nature of your infestation and the size of your home.

Most homeowners spend around $200 for small infestations and approximately $800 for larger infestations. Other costs you might incur will have to do with the damage repairs caused by these rodents.

The method of rat extermination your professional rat exterminator opts for will also influence how much you’ll spend on the total job.

Rat removal cost by the severity of the infestation


The severity of your rat infestation is the main factor that will determine how much you’ll pay for the removal. Generally, the larger the infestation, the more you’ll have to pay.

You can tell the size of your infestation from the number of rat droppings you find in a nest.

Small rat infestation

For small rat infestations, the average rat exterminator cost ranges anywhere from $150 – $400 since they’ll only need to around set ten traps. The follow-up visits will also be just one or two, to dispose of the dead rats and confirm that they’re gone.

Large rat infestation

For larger rat infestations, the exterminator will have to set up more traps and increase their follow-up visits. As such, you can expect to spend anywhere from $500 – $900 on the rat extermination.

The costs will be highest for severe rat infestations, where an exterminator may charge between $1,000 – $1,200 for the job.

Small infestation$150 $400
Medium - Large infestation$500$900
Severe infestation$1,000$1,200

Rat removal cost by frequency

Besides the intensity of the rat infestations, the frequency of the exterminator’s follow-up visits will also influence the costs. How often an exterminator needs to visit your home will depend on the intensity of your infestation.

As mentioned, a small rat infestation may only require one follow-up visit. This will cost you around $150 – $500. But for larger to severe infestations, you may need to opt for monthly and quarterly plans.

These additional follow-up visits may add an extra $50 to $150 per visit to the total costs.

On average, most homeowners who opt for the monthly rat control plan pay between $50 – $80 per visit. Those on the quarterly rat control plan may spend anywhere from $150 – $350 while those on the annual plan, between $300 – $550.

Service Cost
Initial visit + inspection$150 - $500
One-time rodent control visit$250 - $550
Monthly rodent control visit$50 - $80
Quarterly rodent control visit$100 - $300
Annual visit $300 - $550

Cost of rat removal by location (Rooms)

The location of your infestation plays a key role in determining the total amount you’ll have to spend on the rat extermination. This is because it’s easier to get rid of rats in some rooms than in others.

For instance, getting rid of a rat in your bedroom is easier than doing the same in your basement, or in the walls. For the latter, more work has to be done and this increases the contractor’s costs.

Location Cost
Attic $300 - $500
Barn $150 - $300
Basement $200 - $1,200
Bathroom$150 - $200
Bedroom $150 - $200
Ceiling$300 - $1,200
Under foundation$200 - $500
Kitchen $200 - $500
Lawn $200 - $250
Heating ducts$500 - $1,200
Pantry $150 - $200
Shed$100 - $150
Roof$450 - $600
Under floorboards$500 - $1,200
Walls$450 - $600
Stove$100 - $150

Attic rat removal costs

Rats love hiding and nesting in attics because they offer the perfect shelter, away from predators. To get rid of them, most contractors use rat traps and bait and also seal up any holes or cracks that could be acting as the entryway for the rats.

On average, expect to spend anywhere from $300 – $500 on the removal depending on the contractor and the number of traps they set.

Cost to remove rats in the barn

Rats often flock and nest in barns due to the availability of food. If you store a lot of grains and feeds in the barn, it’ll cost you between $150 – $300 to get rid of the rats.

Additionally, most pest control companies will advise you to store all the foodstuff in metal containers that have a tight lid. You’ll also need to regularly sweep up any grains that fall on the floor to avoid future infestations.

Cost to remove rats in the basement

Getting rid of rats in the basement is usually very expensive. This is because the dark and humid conditions beneath your home make it the perfect breeding and nesting grounds for rodents.

You’re, therefore, likely to find a massive infestation beneath your house, which will cost you anywhere from $200 – $1,200+ to eliminate.

Cost to get rid of rats in the bathroom

It’s become a common sighting today to find rats in toilets and bathrooms. The rats access these rooms through drain and sewer pipes when they’re in search of water.

This means that there’s very little you can do about it, besides keeping your bathroom dry, maintaining the toilet lid down, and contacting a rat exterminator.

Expect to spend anywhere from $150 – $200 for this removal service.

Cost to remove rats in the bedroom

It’s not unusual to find rats in your bedroom, especially if you live in an older home. Rats can be attracted to your bedroom if you tend to eat a lot in the bedroom, or if you have a lot of clutter lying around, making for a great hiding spot.

There could also be rats in your walls, which are part of the reason for their presence. Getting rid of them from the bedroom will cost you around $150 to $200.

Cost to remove rats in the ceiling

Ceilings are also another culprit that play home to rats and their nests. To get rid of them, you’ll have to be willing to part with between $300 and $1,200.

The reason for such high costs is usually because the rats have the freedom to move from one area to another within the ceiling, and sometimes even hide in the rafters, making them very hard to find.

Cost to remove rats under the foundation

The average rat exterminator cost to remove rats under the foundation stands between $300 – $500. This problem is, however, more common in homes that have wooden or concrete block foundations.

In such cases, the rats get in through the gaps left and can cause serious foundational damage to your house.

A good solution to avoid this problem is to always use concrete foundations for your home. Alternatively, you can also use a strong sealed skirting around the house and check your foundation for gaps and holes.

Cost to remove rats in the kitchen

The average cost to get rid of rats from your kitchen ranges between $200 – $500. Rats love kitchens because they’re a reliable source of food and water.

They can find bread, cereals, and other foods easily, and even when you seal food, there are always crumbs on the floors.

Due to the sensitivity of the kitchen, an exterminator should avoid most chemical or poisonous treatments and instead, opt for bait stations and rat traps.


Cost to remove rats in the lawn

For rats in your lawn, most rat exterminators will charge you anywhere from $200 – $250 for a one-time extermination. Any further treatments could add up to your total costs.

For the extermination, one quick fix is usually burning or cutting down all the grass and shrubs on your lawn. If you have fruit and nut trees, you should also be keen to pick up any fruits or nuts that fall, to cut down the food for the rats.

As a last resort, the exterminator can resort to rat traps and poisoning to finally get rid of the rats.

Cost to remove rats in heating ducts

Whenever it’s cold, you might also find rats crawling into your heating ducts to seek warmth. This could lead to very expensive damage repairs since the rats could chew up your electrical wires and ducts.

Spores from their fecal matter could also pose serious health risks to you and your family when they get into rooms through the vents.

As such, to remove the rats from your heating vents, expect to spend anywhere from $500 – $1,200.

Cost to remove rats in the pantry

Just like the kitchen, rats are also common visitors to the pantry. The availability of food means they never have to go hungry. These small rodents can chew up through plastic thanks to their sharp teeth, to get to the stored food.

You’ll, therefore, find it very easy to spot the sign of a rat in your pantry. To get rid of it, a rat exterminator will charge you anywhere from $150 – $200.

Cost to remove rats in the shed

If there are rats under your shed, expect to spend between $100 and $150 to get rid of them. These costs are much cheaper than in most other rooms because most sheds are generally small.

You might only need one or two bait traps to get rid of the rats. But in the case of returning rats, your exterminator can use poison treatments to keep the rats at bay.

Cost to remove rats in the roof

Rats on your roof will cost you around $400 – $600 to exterminate. Depending on the size of your house, a rat exterminator may charge you much higher for this.

You’re also likely to pay more if you have a one-or-two-story home. This is because the exterminator may need to use a ladder to reach the roof eaves which increases their risk.

Cost to remove rats under floorboards

Removing rats under your floorboard is one of the most expensive services pest control companies offer.

This is because the rat exterminator will have a lot of work to do, crawling beneath your floorboard, removing the foundation’s bottom layer, and then setting traps.

For such a service, expect to spend anywhere from $500 – $1,200.

While the rat exterminator may also use poison sprays at the entry points, we don’t recommend it since you’ll be left with dead and rotting rats beneath your floor.

Cost to remove rats in walls

If there are rats in your wall, your exterminator will charge you anywhere from $450 – $600 on the rat extermination cost. This process will however involve a lot of destruction, first by opening up your drywall to set up the rat traps and bait stations.

Once the exterminator has caught the rats, the drywall can then be replaced. Be keen to ensure that no rats are left to die in the wall, as they will stink and pose health risks to your family.

Cost to remove rats in the stove

To remove the rat in your stove, expect to spend between $100 – $150. The service is cheap since the rat exterminator only needs to set one trap. The rats also usually don’t stay in the stove for a long time and will soon move in their search for food and water.

Note: Regardless of the location of the rats in your home, ensure the exterminator uses pet-friendly treatments during the pest control, to protect your cats, dogs, and other animals.

Cost of rat removal by state

Where you live in the country will also affect how much you’ll pay for the removal. The price rates across the country can range from $150 – $600 on average depending on how strict the pest control certification rules are.

In states like Florida or Texas, where the regulations are quite strict, you can expect to spend much higher for rat removal than other customers in a state like Utah.

Here’s a breakdown of how much rat removal costs by state:

State Cost
Wisconsin $232
NewYork $340
Louisiana $400
Georgia $650

Labor cost to exterminate rats

How much you’ll spend on labor to exterminate rats significantly varies depending on the location and expertise of the exterminator.

However, the average price you can expect for labor ranges between $25 – $60 per hour. This cost covers the treatment as well as the clean-up and removal of the dead rats.

You might also come across rat exterminators who charge a flat fee of between $200 – $500 and then include additional charges during the follow-up visits.

How long does it take to exterminate rats?

It depends on the extent of the infestation. In most cases, professional exterminators will require just a day (8 – 12 hours) to set up the bait traps, then another half a day to remove the traps and the dead rats.

This entire process will take 3 – 6 weeks in case of a small infestation, and up to 3 months if the case is severe.

Indoor vs Outdoor rat control cost

Generally, it’s easier to get rid of rats indoors than outdoors. This is because rats in the house are easier to spot and track. You can also identify their entry points and seal them quickly.

Outdoors, whether in your lawn or yard, it gets harder to identify all the rat entry points and even track their movement.

A professional rat exterminator will, therefore, charge much higher to set up rat traps in your house than outdoors. Expect to spend at least $150 – $350 on indoor rat extermination costs.

Outdoor extermination may cost anywhere from $200 – $500.

Cost of emergency rat removal

If a rodent infestation is suddenly making your life at home unbearable, you can contact an exterminator for emergency rat removal services. In most cases, this will range between $300 – $500.

Factors that affect rat extermination pricing

Besides the infestation intensity, frequency of follow-up, and location, there are numerous other factors that affect how an exterminator prices its services.

Among the most notable factors include:

Inspection costs

If you’re not sure whether you have a rodent infestation, contacting a rat exterminator to do an inspection will cost you anywhere from $100 – $200.

However, if the exterminator detects the presence of rats in your home, they’ll deduct the cost of the inspection from the total cost of extermination.

Amount and type of traps required

The type and amount of traps that an exterminator uses will also affect the total cost of rat extermination. For small infestations, you’ll require about 10 – 15 traps to catch the rats in your home.

In the case of a medium-large infestation, you’ll require around 20 – 40 traps while for severe infestations, you’ll require 50+ traps.

Depending on the type of trap, you can expect to spend anywhere from $10 – $750 on traps alone.

Type of trapCost per trapSmall infestationLarge infestationSevere infestation
Live trap$2 - $15$20 - $225$40 - $600$600 - $1,000
Snap trap$1 - $2$10 - $30$20 - $80$80 - $200
Jaw trap $3 - $5$45 - $75$60 - $200$200 - $500
Bait stations$3 - $15$45 - $225$60 - $600$200 - $1,000
Glue traps$3 - $10$45 - $150$60 - $400$200 - $700

Clean-up required

If you expect the exterminator to clean up the rat damage and waste, be ready to add an extra $150 – $400. This price will depend on the amount of debris to be cleaned.

Rat droppings are also known to be carriers of many disease-causing pathogens including Salmonellosis and Leptospirosis. As such, if the rat exterminator uses special cleansing agents, the costs will also increase.

Number of entry points

After completing the rat removal, the last step for most rat exterminators is usually sealing up all the entry points. This could be anything from gaps and holes in your foundation to pipes and air vents to cracks in the windows and doors.

Depending on the number of areas to be sealed, your costs will increase by nearly 30%.

Additional expenses you might incur

Besides these mentioned costs, there are several other costs you may incur that aren’t directly associated with rat extermination. These include:

Cost for tree trimming

If you’ve found rats in your attic or roof, they might have made their way there by climbing the trees close to the house. So, after the extermination, a professional will advise you to trim down those trees and bushes near your house.

The tree branches should be at least 5 feet away from your house. The cost of trimming trees will range anywhere from $120 – $1,190.

Cost for rodent exclusion

Sometimes, when sealing up the rat entry points, an exterminator may discover more severe structural damage that’s beyond their expertise. In such a case, you may need to contact a home repair handyman to handle those damages.

You can expect to pay an extra $200 – $600+ to the handymen for the repairs.

Cost of damage repairs

Rats in your house can also result in massive property damage. So, even after the extermination, you might be left with a huge bill of repairs needed.

Here are a few of the repairs you might need to make and how much each would cost you:

Electrical repairs$150 - $500
HVAC repairs $150 - $550
Plumbing repairs$150 - $500+
Roof repairs$350 - $1,500
Water cleanup$1,200 - $4,500

DIY rat extermination vs. Using an exterminator

Even though hiring a professional exterminator is the most recommended way to handle a rat infestation, that doesn’t mean you can’t try the DIY route.

Getting rid of the rats yourself is much cheaper than hiring a rat exterminator. However, due to inexperience, very few homeowners have found success dealing with rats by themselves.

But if you think you’ve got what it takes, expect to spend between $5 – $20 per live rat trap and between $5 and $15 for the rat poison. Other expenses will include protective gear like gloves for handling the rat problem.

A few tips to remember before you begin the job:

  • Avoid using rat poison if you have pets as they may also get poisoned if they eat the rats
  • Don’t use steel rat traps since they may injure your pets
  • Glue traps may be effective but they immobilize the rats and are just inhumane. Avoid them if you can.


It depends on the intensity of the infestation in your house. The average household in the country spends between $200 – $800 for rat extermination.

In most cases, yes! Rats are social rodents that tend to breed very quickly. So, if you’ve seen one, there’s likely to be more.

Between 3 – 6 weeks for small to medium infestations and up to 3 months for severe infestations.

Look at the number of droppings you find. The more the droppings, the more rats you have in the house.

Scott Williams
Author: Scott Williams - Scott is a pest control expert and has worked in the industry for over 20 years, most recently in NYC, where he runs a pest control business. Scott loves to write articles, share his knowledge on exterminator services, and advise on safe DIY method.