Alarming Facts: Rats/rodents are carriers of transmittable diseases. They are capable of chewing almost anything in your home and tend to reproduce quickly. Further, home mice leave around 3000 urine drops every 24 hours.


These are the reasons why rats or mice should be removed from your home or office, if there is even one. It is agreeable that it is easy to remove them by using the mouse catchers or taps. However, this method may take some time.


Further, even if you catch one and throw it out, there is no guarantee that your dwelling or commercial area will not be infested again. After all, rats multiple quickly and can cause an array of diseases such as plague, rat-bite fever, and even meningitis. Apart from that, rats are often responsible for transferring disorders from animals to humans and to other animals such as pets. To stop this, we as your professional mice/mouse exterminator in NYC can help you implement a permanent barrier.


Seeing Them is Stopping Them


Running in search of food and water always in a secretive manner at night and openly in daytime, rats or mice seek shelter in homes, mostly during the cooler days. Since ancient days, they have resided wherever humans have dwelled. They not only spread or cause diseases but also spoil food, destruct assets, and damage edifices through incessant chewing and burrowing. Most of these things are their food, which are easily available in homes. They have noteworthy ability to adapt to different surroundings. Further, they can fit via a hole whose size is only as that of your fingertip.


If you see only one mice or rodent, it is probably a great indication of an infestation. Apart from that, the other signs include:


Ripped packs of eatables
Damp, strange odor from some spots or holes
Dropping on the door, particularly close to water and food sources
Chewing and clawing sounds outdoors or in walls
Structural destruction near doorways or entrances from outdoors


Professional Control and Assistance


Rats are more challenging to be trapped, as they are relatively less curious than mice as well as more careful while reaching out to new things. They not only can enter through small holes but also sewer lines, a vital area to inspect for prevention and exclusion programs.


Our technicians will first educate you, your staff, ad/or your family about preventative techniques such as sealing, fillers, and proper waste disposal so that these critters can be kept at bay forever. However, even our mice/mouse exterminator NYC shall use stuff such as caulk, concrete, copper mesh, brushes, escutcheon plates, steel wool, and metal to seal any kind of holes through which the mice or rats enter into your home.


We carry out an onsite scrutiny of all probable access points so that all access points get sealed, which then act as permanent barriers for current and future infestations. In this way, we eliminate any rodent issue forever. We are specialized in removing or excluding any mice or rodent species from your home or office.